Michelle Vaughan

A Movement of Women

A set of 12 new letterpress editions by Michelle Vaughan

Michelle Vaughan “A Movement of Women” is an important historical research project manifested as an exhibition at Theodore:Art in Brooklyn. The 100 year anniversary of the passage of the 19th Amendment occurs on August 26th, so the timing seemed fitting. The installation includes 40 portraits in pastel of American conservative women, letterpress quotes, a data index box, a library and some fascinating archival materials collected by Vaughan over several years.

Per the artist:

Why solely conservative women? Because I wanted a clearer understanding of "progress" versus "tradition" when it comes to women's rights, health and equality. For instance, a woman's right to choose has been under attack since the passing of Roe v. Wade, leaving progressive women in a constant state of defense for the last 46 years, instead of building a stronger coalition for women's health as a whole. Also fascinating are the recent sexual discrimination law suits which took place at companies like Fox News, the Department of Education rolling back sexual assault protection on college campuses and the unfair pay gap women still face in the workforce.

I wanted to unpack some of these issues and learn more about the stories and backgrounds of women who help enforce the status quo and traditional values. Much of my work investigates power and paradoxes, and this project is no different.

Theodore:Art is presenting a pre-sale of a group of 12 hand-set, hand-pulled letterpress prints in an edition of 20, which will be part of the installation. The series unflinchingly captures conservative voices and presents them in Cheltenham type on pink office heavy weight paper.


Before the exhibition opens the prints will be available at the discounted price of $80 each; after the show opens the price will be $100. Please support this ambitious project and the gallery by purchasing one or two if you can. The installation is one giant piece and so our hope is it might travel at some point, or be purchased for an institution.