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Andrew Witkin

untitled (riots)


engraving plate printed via letterpress press

on Crane Lettra Pearl White 110# paper, layout by John Kramer

11 x 8 1/2 inches each

edition of 200

$30/each, $100 for the suite of four

untitled (riots)

  • The word, “riot” has such disparate uses.
    • A riot of color.
    • A riot in the streets


    Last year, in trying to find a balance among awareness, action, investigation and patience, I worked on a concise wording of the definitions of “riot”. I then asked the talented designer, John Kramer, if he could lay it out.  He, as any good friend does, gave me four options. Realizing that the subtle shifts, in almost irrelevant differences, made a huge impact on the reading of the writing, I decided it should exist as all four ways.  Furthermore, thinking about writing/typing/printing brought me to letterpress, yet the designing of the layout called for an engraving plate as opposed to setting type, so the combo of the plate and the press were the result.

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